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Monday, 31 January 2011

Classy Glassy Home Office

When you have a study or home office, you want it to be simple so it won't distract you, but practical to have everything at hand when you need it. Clear glass keeps it simple, clean and modern while providing you the comfort and unitility you need. For example, the lovely CD Rack with Casters provides shelving for your discs or books, or anything else you may need to keep in shelves, safe and easy to reach. The fact that this glass cabinet has casters makes it easy for you to move it to the place in the room where you may need it, making it versatile and adaptable to your every needs.
Whether you use a computer or not, the Boxey glass desk will make the perfect addition for you to write on, do business or study. It has an undershelf with runners where you can put a keyboard or your notes and the fact that it is made almost entirely in glass makes it simple, clean and easy to adapt. It is available in black, clear or white glass with Chrome feet, runners and details. Combine this desk with any of the faux leather chairs we offer and you will have a comfortable and stylish home office or study.

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